Sony Music Australia Ex-CEO Denis Handlin Breaks Silence On Sexual Misconduct Allegations Levelled At The Company

Denis Handlin, the ex-CEO of Sony Music Australia, has broken his silence on the multiple damning allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at the Australian office of the international recording giant.

His statement was featured in the first episode of Schwartz Media’s Everybody Knows podcast, which launched today. It is the first time he has spoken publicly since he swiftly departed the company back in June.

Hosted by Ruby Jones (7am), the first episode of the podcast investigated the workplace culture and some of the allegations levelled at Sony Music Australia, with the episode ending with a statement from Handlin himself on the situation, where he confirmed that “issues of sexual misconduct” had occurred during his tenure, and that he “always took immediate action.”

As co-reported by The Saturday Paper (a print/online publication also from Schwartz Media), Handlin says that he has “always provided support and encouragement to women in the industry and personally championed diversity.”

“At any time I was made aware of this sort of behaviour, I took action to ensure that it was stopped and didn’t occur again.

“Over the years, this included seeing people at all levels and all seniority leave the company. With issues of sexual misconduct, I always took immediate action, in accordance with the law and best practice in the interests of those involved in such traumatic and disturbing events.

“It’s not appropriate for me to say anything further as most of these matters remain confidential to ensure the personal wellbeing of those involved.”

Handlin worked for Sony Music Australia for over 50 years. He took the job as CEO of the Australian branch back in 1984 where he remained in that role until this year.

Just a week prior to Handlin’s shock departure from the company, Sony Music’s head office in the United States announced an investigation into its Australian branch amid claims of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Everybody Knows notes that no allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment have been levelled against Handlin. There is no suggestion that the investigation launched by Sony Music had anything to do with Handlin.

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