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A Woman Is Suing Steve Aoki For Breaking Her Neck

A US woman has filed a lawsuit against Steve Aoki, claiming that his infamous stage diving, caught on camera, knocked her unconscious and left her with a broken neck at a gig in 2012.

Brittany Hickman told ABC10 news, she attended an Aoki gig at the Hard Rock Café in San Diego in 2012, where the DJ climbed a nearly 20 foot scaffolding and launched himself onto a blow-up raft sitting on top of some crowd members.

Hickman says she was underneath the raft at the time Aoki landed on it, was knocked unconscious and afterwards discovered that she had broken her neck. What’s more, there’s surveillance footage depicting the whole thing.

“I was trapped underneath the pool raft because they threw it out right where I was standing,” she explained. “My friends told me he landed on top of the pool raft, hit me on top of the head and I got knocked over.”

Hickman has now filed a lawsuit against both Aoki and the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. “Don’t trust that just because you’re paying for a ticket to a show that you’re going to be protected by the venue or the performer,” said her attorney, Jeremiah Lowe.

Aoki’s lawyers have confirmed the lawsuit is proceeding to trial, scheduled for August 28th, and declined to comment “because of the ongoing litigation”.

Steve Aoki recently cancelled a string of European tour dates so he could undergo emergency surgery. “For the past 20 years, all the screaming at my shows have severely messed up my vocal chords. As a result, I have to get surgery or else I cannot even speak anymore,” he said in a statement.

Watch the footage of the incident in the ABC10 news segment, below.

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