Image: Acdc.Com

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Is Releasing An Autobiography

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has written a book on his life.

It’s dubbed The Lives of Brian: AC/DC, Me and the Making of Back in Black and it’s landing on our shelves on October 26.

“I’ve had some long nights and some great nights, bad days and a lot of good ones,” Johnson explained in an official statement.

“I’ve gone from choirboy to rock ‘n’ roll singer – and now I’ve gone and written a bloody book about it.”

Funnily enough, the rocker has released a teaser trailer about the book on YouTube, and you can check it out below.

It comes after he reunited with Acca Dacca to unleash new album Power Up after being forced to quit the band in 2016, with what was believed to be a career-ending case of hearing loss.

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