AFI Share More Of ‘Burials’ With New Track ‘No Resurrection’

Just a couple of days before official release of their first album in yonks, Burials, AFI have released another track titled No Resurrection. Don’t let the mellow vibe fool you – No Resurrection approaches with fangs bared, and though they might be more subtle than we’ve seen previously they’re still there.

No Resurrection seems to represent a more atmospheric take on the group’s time tested sound. Whereas first single I Hope You Suffer was an opportunity for the band to beat the shit out of their instruments, No Resurrection sees them doing as little as possible without being underwhelming for a second. Davey Havok wants you to listen to what he’s saying here, and listen good.

Burials is up for a Friday, 18th October Australian release date, and is the first such offering from the band since 2009’s Crash Love. Time will tell if the groups decision to join the good ship HMAS Republic Records was the right move.

Australia is in prime position to hear the new album live, with the band set to make their way Down Under as part of Soundwave 2014.

Listen: AFI – No Resurrection

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