AJ Maddah Blames ‘Election Grandstanding’ For Shortened Sets In Perth

AJ Maddah is now looking into what went down at Perth Soundwave recently that resulted in up to 20 minutes being shaved off the end of all headliners bar Metallica. Reports came through on the night saying that someone may have died at the festival, but Maddah, who explained that it was “Definitely not a life or death situation”, has put it down to election grandstanding on behalf of one Collin Barnett.

The next state election for Western Australia will be held on Saturday, 9th March, which lends credit to Maddah’s accusation that Bernett (who is not only the state premier but also whose seat is located in Cottesloe, of which Claremont – where the festival is held – is a suburb) could somehow be to blame.

Maddah has also disputed claims that it was a council cluster fuck, maintaining his view that the cluster fuck came from a state level. It would also appear that shutting down Metallica was not an option for those in power as “45000 fans would set the town on fire”.

More updates as it happens here.

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