Soundwave 2015 Sydney / Photo: Yael Stempler

AJ Maddah Says He’d Support Soundwave Or Warped Tour Coming Back If Someone Has “Deep Pockets”

Soundwave head honcho AJ Maddah appears to have given his blessing to anyone who wants to bring Soundwave or Warped Tour back to life in Australia, as long as they’ve got enough money to do it.

Asked by an inquisitive punter on Twitter today if Soundwave or Warped Tour would ever make their way back to Australia, Maddah replied, “I’d love to think so. Will require someone with deep pockets. I’ll support in any way I can.”

When asked for a second time about the future of Warped Tour in Australia, Maddah said, “There have been some talks. Have a look at Warped 2013 line-up for Aus. If that can’t sell tickets I don’t have much hope for it.”

The future of Soundwave was thrown into jeopardy when the 2016 edition of the event was officially cancelled in December 2015. At the time, Maddah said Soundwave “definitely” won’t returning in 2017, leading many to believe Soundwave 2015 was the festival’s final run.

Soundwave’s financial struggles are well-known, with Maddah previously revealing that only around 20,000 tickets were sold for Soundwave 2016 before its cancellation. Following the event’s cancellation, Music Feeds revealed how much money some of Soundwave’s biggest acts were owed by the festival.

As for Warped Tour, the international festival hasn’t returned to Aussie shores since 2013, after plans for a 2014 event were cancelled. The festival’s 2013 lineup featured the likes of Parkway Drive, The Used, New Found Glory and The Offspring.

Maddah has previously said there’s a chance that European festival Sonisphere could expand to Australia in 2017, while there are also rumblings that England’s Download Festival could expand to Australia in the coming years, after its booker Andy Copping told Aussie punters to “watch this space”.

Since Soundwave’s cancellation, new festivals Legion and Crafterfest have plotted 2017 events to help fill Soundwave’s shoes.

Catch Maddah’s latest tweets about the future of Soundwave and Warped Tour, below.

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