Image: Cameron Carter

Alex Cameron Continues To Tackle The Big Topics On New Single ‘K Hole’

Alex Cameron is gearing up for the release of his fourth solo album, Oxy Music. The album is scheduled to land on Friday, 11th March and its third single, ‘K Hole’, is out now.

‘K Hole’ arrives with a new music video directed by Jim Larson and shot in the St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. In the chorus Cameron sings, “I don’t wanna sound like an A-hole / I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful / Can see the credit cards on the table / Never try to hide in a K-hole.”

He continues, “I’m sorry little girl but my plate’s full / Tryna prove to you that I’m stable / I promise when I fall I’ll be graceful / Only room for one – yeah there’s only room for one in a K-hole.”

‘K Hole’ follows the previous Oxy Music singles ‘Sara Jo’ and ‘Best Life’. The track listing features songs titled ‘Prescription Refill’, ‘Dead Eyes’, ‘Cancel Culture (feat. Lloyd Vines)’ and ‘Oxy Music (feat. Jason Williamson)’. Williamson, notably, is the singer of British punk-electronic duo Sleaford Mods.

“The album is a story, a work of fiction, mostly from the perspective of a man,” Cameron said in a statement. “Starved of meaningful purpose, confused about the state of the world, and in dire need of a reason to live – a person can, and according to the latest statistics, increasingly will, turn to opioids. This is one of those people.”

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