Anal Cunt Guitarist Josh Martin Dies After Falling Off Escalator

Josh Martin, longtime guitarist for American grindcore band Anal Cunt, has died after falling off an escalator, according to reports. He was 45 years old.

Police have told WPRI and The Boston Globe that Martin fell backwards off an escalator at a shopping mall in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday night, 28th May.

Witnesses reportedly said Martin was “clowning around” and “riding the rail” of the escalator before the fall, which saw him suffer “massive injuries” after hitting his head on a table. He was taken to a local hospital, and was later pronounced dead.

Officials are treating the incident as an accident, and are examining security footage.

While Martin’s identity wasn’t immediately released following the fall, Vanyaland reports that it has “confirmed with the musician’s friends” that it was indeed Martin who suffered the fall.

Martin was a member of Anal Cunt for a number of periods between 1996 and 2011, up until the band broke up following the death of frontman Seth Putman at the age of 43.

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