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Watch John Howard DJ Like A Mad C*nt IRL In This Genius Internet Video

So you’re all familiar with John Howard DJs Like A Mad Cunt, yeah?

The internet meme is so central to Australia’s rich cultural history that it should bloody well be made a mandatory part of the national citizenship test, we say:

Fuckin aye, now you’re a bloody Strayan, cunt!

But thanks to former PM Johnny Howard’s humdinger of a speech at the National Press Club earlier today, this historic meme has finally been given the 2.0 upgrade it deserves.

ICYMI: Howie’s Press Club address was widely considered to be predominantly boring and sporadically horrifying (e.g. when he bravely explained that there could never be equal representation of women in Parliament because they “play a significantly greater part of fulfilling the caring role”. Yup, back to the kitchen you go, ladies!) so by far the best thing to come out of it was John Howard DJs Like A Mad Cunt 2.0, a video that some internet legend has crafted from footage of the former Liberal party leader busting some bossdawg turntable moves during his torturous verbal wank sesh.

So with out further ado, watch Aus politics’ favourite bespectacled eyebrow warrior drop beats on you like the GST below.

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