Delta Goodrem’s Apple Music Ad Pulled For Setting “Bad Example” For Young Drivers

Apple has been forced to pull one of its Australian Apple Music adverts featuring Delta Goodrem because it’s been deemed inappropriate by the Advertising Standards Board.

As Mumbrella report, the ad features Goodrem in the passenger seat of a car, dancing around to Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ played through Apple Music, which is obviously the natural reaction when that song comes on.

The Board, however, has pointed out that it shows her, “moving around in a motor vehicle with no clearly visible safety belt”. They further accused the ad of not promoting, “safe driving”.

“As a young woman who is a role model this sets a bad example and is illegal,” they said.

Apple has defended the ad saying it was “confident” that it did not breach the AANA Advertiser Code of Ethics standards because the pair in the vehicle were, “wearing lap seat belts at all times while the vehicle was being driven.”

The Board did not agree with Apple though, forcing the tech giant to replace any scenes where Delta’s arm and hands were outside the vehicle. The ad was pulled from television and will be re-aired once the edits have been made.

“Delta dancing and moving around in a motor vehicle with no clearly visible safety belt is likely to imply to younger viewers that no seatbelt is being worn and that a relaxed attitude to safety in a moving motor vehicle is acceptable,” the Board concluded.

Apple noted that it was “disappointed” with the decision as it takes, “healthy and safety very seriously”.

It’s uncanny timing for Delta as her license has reportedly been suspended recently for speeding offences.

You can watch the pulled Apple ad below.

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