Artist Brings The Simpsons’ Plum-In-Hat Gag To Life For Yoko Ono Exhibition

An Icelandic artist by the name of Ragnar Kjartansson has just revived one of the best gags from The Simpsons, referencing the 1993 Homer’s Barbershop Quartet episode by submitting a plum in a hat for Yoko Ono‘s latest art exhibition.

The gag originated from the classic and undoubtedly the best era of the show, in which Barney leaves Homer’s barbershop group to go and make music with Ono.

In one incredible scene, Ono and Barney hit up Moe’s Tavern for a drink, and Ono orders “a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat”. Here’s that moment:

As Icenews reports, for her latest exhibition at the Reyjavik Art Museum, Ono asked a group of local artists “to supply a vessel for the water to give specific people, either to heal their minds, or to appreciate their courage in speaking out”.

Despite the weirdly vague brief, the artistic genius that is Kjartansson decided to submit the Simpsons gag to Ono, and in a weird turn of events she approved the work, showing that perhaps she does still have a sense of humour.

Check out some images of the piece, below.


Images: Icenews

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