Aspiring Rappers Kidnap And Extort Record Producer

It’s no secret that you sometimes need to go to extraordinary measures to get noticed. But you’d think that if you need to resort to kidnapping and extortion, well, maybe your chance to make it has long, long gone.

Such is the situation for aspiring New York rappers 33-year-old Ryan Mixon and 28-year-old Andres Lozano. The pair had arranged a meeting with record producer John Fontein of Greenwich Village’s Pera Soho, according to Complex. The three were set to lock in $50,000 towards their debut record, though Fontein saw red flags, and backed out.

Mixon and Lozano then saw no other option than to hold the producer at gun point and forced him into an Apple store, where they coerced him into purchasing $3,800 of product and their warranties. Dick move. Given Fontein was from a wealthy family, they demanded he bring them $50,000 or they’d kill his girlfriend and family.

He immediately went to the police, who arranged a drop off where they busted the two perps, who have since been charged with kidnapping, robbery and extortion. So not to be ageist or anything, but if you try to enter the rap game at 28 and 33, it’s probably not going to end well.

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