Five Finger Death Punch Producer Speaks Out Following Lawsuit

The drama between Five Finger Death Punch and their record label Prospect Park has taken another twist with the band’s long-term producer stepping into the ring.

In a statement, Kevin Churko throws some serious doubt over the label’s lawsuit which was levelled at the band last month.

An esteemed producer, Churko has worked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and In This Moment and explains that while he’s used to remaining in the background, upon being named in the lawsuit he felt the need to “go on the record with some facts”.

Churko claims that the rogue album planned by the band that attracted the lawsuit was booked well in advance, and doesn’t understand why, now, the label have decided to cause a fuss about it.

“Five Finger Death Punch and their management have always said that they couldn’t commence recording until June 5th of this year and that they couldn’t deliver the album until September 5th. That has always been their intention, and that’s what I agreed to do.”

Having released their current album, Got Your Six back in 2015, the label hit the panic button at talk of a new album, claiming the band can’t contractually start on a new album until the label is done promoting the existing one. They felt as though the band were keeping the label out of the creative talks for the record, another claim that hasn’t gone down well with Churko.

“I am scratching my head as to why [Prospect Park’s] Jeff Kwatinetz would want to get involved in the creative of this band after 5 albums together when every record I’ve ever recorded for 5FDP has been finished in the studio of which I’ve never seen him present. I’ve never met Jeff, never had a conversation with him, not even an email.”

Prospect Park believe the band are trying to rush their next album before frontman Ivan Moody, said to be in rehab, implodes due to his afflictions. Furthermore, they requested two new songs from the band for a Greatest Hits collection rather than a new album. These tracks, they say, weren’t delivered.

The band have fired back at the suit, slamming it as an attempt from the label heads to gain leverage to help with the sale of the business.

Churko concludes, “Contractually, this would be Five Finger Death Punch’s final album for Prospect Park. One can read between those lines.”

We hope the situation is resolved soon but more importantly, we hope Moody receives the help he needs.

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