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‘Australian Idol’ Winner Casey Donovan Is An Uber Driver Now

Singer and former Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan has a new gig as a part-time Uber driver, which she’s using to supplement income from her music and acting careers.

News Corp Australia reports that 28-year-old Donovan was working as an Uber driver on New Year’s Eve over the weekend, working from midnight until the early morning on 1st January.

“I’ve been recognised a few times,” she says. “I get paired with a lot of women when driving and some of them have been quite excited. I’ve been asked to sing.

“I find it funny. Some people want to chat and others are cool just to sit back in the quiet. I go with the flow and it is nice to meet people and hear their stories.”

Donovan says she’s even drawing inspiration for her music from the handful of Uber hours she does each week.

“I write music about my own experience and other people’s so being on the road meeting all these people is really inspiring,” she says.

“One woman I drove was in her mid-20s and she was talking about breaking up with her boyfriend — that’s something we all relate to. It’s normal stuff like taking someone to a Tinder date — there have been a few.”

So how did she get into Uber? Donovan says she saw an advertisement on a billboard and “spoke to a few people”. She also says she loves catching Ubers herself.

“You do it all online through an app. I followed all the protocol, applied for a driver’s authority card and went into one of the Uber hubs to sort out the car and I was on the road. It all went pretty smoothly,” she says.

What’s more, it’s safe to say the reaction to Donovan’s new Uber career has been very, very positive:

In case you also want to get a lift from Casey, just remember that she drives a Nissan Pulsar and can sing really, really well.

Aside from her Uber gig, Donovan recently finished up touring Australia with the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’. She’s also set to appear in Belvoir Street Theatre’s production of ‘Barbara and the Camp Dogs’ later this year, and is also working on new music.

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