Azealia Banks Drops New Single ‘ATM Jam’ Feat. Pharrell Williams

After debuting the track during her Glastonbury performance over the weekend, Azealia Banks has now released a studio recording of ATM Jam. Premiering on DJ Rosenberg’s Hot 97 show, the track is the second single to be released from Bank’s mythical full-length debut.

As we discovered seconds into the live performance of the track, it features the current go-to guy Pharrell Williams which will help add some legitimacy to help combat the hype surrounding the new material. In fact you could almost say this particular track is Pharrell Williams feat. Azealia Banks, but who’s counting? We guess we’ll have to wait for the video clip to fully understand just what an ATM Jam is, but if it’s anything like the Harlem Shake or, for that matter, mouth eyes, may god have mercy on us all.

As for the rest of the album, purportedly titled Broke With Expensive Taste, it’s long past its due date of 2012, but this is certainly a good sign that something (anything!) will be announced soon. So far, our two opportunities (here and here) to catch Banks performing live have been sullied slightly, so here’s hoping to a drama-free tour when she pops down for lil’ ol’ Listen Out.

Check out ATM Jam below and excuse the presenter shout-outs.

Listen: Azealia Banks – ATM Jam Feat. Pharrell Williams

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