Band Of Horses Announce First Album In Four Years

American rock group Band Of Horses have announced their fifth album Why Are You OK.

The album is the follow-up to 2012’s Mirage Rock and is due to be released in June the band’s frontman Ben Bridwell revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In between this record and the last Bridwell had babies and built a house for said babies to live in.

“Some of that stuff just takes a long time. I was really settling into middle age,” he said.

Instead of setting up in a cabin or isolated studio to work on the album, Bridwell worked on it in his home so he could be close to his family throughout the process.

“I just put up some soundproofing — tried to keep the moisture out and the sound waves in. It’s nothing special by any means, but it was a nice place to be able to complain loudly with minimal influence of ears listening to me,” he said.

He worked on demoes throughout the night so he could remain a Dad during the day, dropping his daughters off to school in the morning.

Despite “settling into middle age,” the album doesn’t sound like it’s going to be anything but bland. It’s been produced by Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle and was inspired by Outkast’s 2014 reunion and Kendrick Lamar’s Backstreet Freestyle off his good kid, m.A.A.d city record.

He assured though that he’s still pulled plenty of elements from the band’s discography. “I didn’t want to just pander to our previous records or maybe even our most fruitful period, but at the same time I definitely attempted to tap into a lot of that stuff throughout,” he said.

We’re yet to know when we’ll hear anything from the record but he did talk about the band’s lengthiest song yet Dull Times: The Moon which combines themes from the opening tracks of the band’s first two records.

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