Artists made over $7 million from Bandcamp sales last Friday

Bandcamp once again waived their revenue fees from all sales last Friday (May 1) in an effort to help artists during the coronavirus pandemic, and they’ve revealed that over $7 million USD was spent on the website on that day.

The website revealed on Twitter that artists earned $7.1 million USD last Friday, which means that it was the biggest sales day in the site’s history.

Friday, 1st May was the second 24-hour period Bandcamp have waived their revenue cut, following Friday, 20th March. The March date initially marked the website’s biggest sale date ever, raking in $4.3 million USD.

May will not be the last month that Bandcamp are doing this, having earlier revealed that this will be an initiative that spans across three individual dates over the next few months.

The next date Bandcamp will waive their revenue shares will be Friday, 5th June.

Check the website’s tweet below.

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