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Belmont Releases New Single ‘All Bite’ From Upcoming Album ‘ Liminal’

American rock band Belmont has just released a thrilling new song called “All Bite”. This song is part of their highly awaited third album, Liminal, which is coming out on April 12th via Pure Noise Records.

Lead singer Taz Johnson explains that “All Bite” is a strong message about taking charge of your life and moving forward positively. It encourages people to stop being hard on themselves and start working on improving their lives, reflecting the band’s belief in bouncing back from challenges.

Belmont’s Vocalist Taz Johnson Shared The Story Behind The New Single And Album In A Press Release

While, commenting on the new single, Belmont vocalist Taz Johnson said in a press release, “Being a heavier song off the record, All Bite sends a message to put your money where your mouth is and lead your life with your best foot forward. It’s too easy to waste time tearing yourself down, the real work begins when you build yourself back up.” Even though the songs are catchy and fun, the lyrics talk about personal struggles and finding hope in tough times.

Taz Johnson also explains that the title of the album, “Liminal,” means it’s like going on a journey to a made-up place, a bit like daydreaming.” Liminal as the title for our third record is meant to be an escape to a different world, It’s a nostalgic longing for a place that doesn’t really exist, but you wish you were there.”

The Liminal album shows how Belmont has grown as a band, trying out different styles beyond their usual pop-punk sound. The album has catchy tunes and explores different kinds of music.

Even though Belmont’s songs are catchy and fun, the lyrics talk about personal struggles and finding hope in tough times.

Liminal Tracklist:

01. SSX Trickmont

02. Two’s A Party

03. Liminal

04. Day By Day

05. Moxie

06. Dark Paradise

07. All Bite


09. Counterfeit

10. N2

11. Play Pretend

12. I Don’t Really Care

Pre-order Liminal’ here

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