Bernard Fanning Pegs Powderfinger Break-Up On Musical Compromise

It seems the old expression “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” can also be applied to bands. Powderfinger frontman turned solo artist Bernard Fanning has explained that, in the final moments of the band’s glory days, things turned very tense and musical compromise was the final nail in the coffin.

Things began to turn sour back in 2005 following the release of his successful solo debut Tea And Sympathy. Initially, it wasn’t such a big deal, given that the other members had begun side projects of their own, but when a US label began to express interest in releasing the album Stateside, drummer Jon Coghill lost his cool, telling Fanning, “Mate, if you want a fucking solo career, then go and have it.”

Speaking with TheMusic recently, though, Fanning revealed that it wasn’t any one individual’s actions that ultimately led to the split, but rather the desire to incorporate everyone’s sensibilities into the music. Fanning has blamed the break-up squarely on the troubles that come with compromise, and trying to ensure that everyone within the fold remained happy:

“Everybody was starting to have different ideas about how things should happen musically, then you were starting to make considerations and compromises at that very early stage, and that to me is death. Design by consensus.”

The revelations only serve to drive home the fact that Fanning had previously said Powderfinger will never again perform together. Fanning’s solo career continues unhindered, with the recent release of his second album Departures.

(Via Tone Deaf)

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