Billy Corgan Teases Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Album

Billy Corgan has basically just poured gasoline all over the flames of those Smashing Pumpkins reunion rumours.

The Pumpkinhead has professed a desire to make a new album in the vein of SP classics Gish and Siamese Dream, and hinted that it could be made with “people who used to be in the band”.

“Well last time I said anything about SP news, it turned into a big story about how the band was reuniting, so I guess I’ll just let people read my facial ticks,” Corgan cheekily intones in a new Facebook video (via Alternative Nation).

“Is the band reuniting? I don’t know, but definitely making plans for next year, definitely making plans to tour next year under the name Smashing Pumpkins. Who will be on stage? We shall see. (Makes facial tick) There’s my tick.”

It comes after Corgan officially announced that he was “back in contact” with OG Pumpkins bassist D’Arcy Wretzky, after 16-years of giving each other the mutual cold shoulder.

“Call me crazy, but I am getting a hankering to starting writing rock and roll music again,” the Corgenator continues. “I find myself obsessing on riffs in my head. I would say if I was going to make an album of SP music again, it would probably be somewhere between Gish and Siamese Dream type styles.

“I think I’m ready to get back to big riffs, big choruses. So I guess I have to get [drummer] Jimmy Chamberlin on the phone (makes facial tick), there’s another tick, and maybe some other people (makes facial tick) who used to be in the band.”

During the candid chat, Corgs also confirms that he’s finished recording a new solo album with legendary producer Rick Rubin, which features 12 or 13 original songs.

“For the most part the record is done,” he explains, although he hasn’t yet locked in a release date for the thing. However, he did tease some release plans some new Pumpkins archival releases.

“Some things on there that haven’t been released, I don’t even know if they’ve ever been bootlegged,” he says of the tunes, which was recorded between 1988 and 1992.

It sure is busy times for Corgan, who was also recently promoted to a full time gig as head of TNA Impact Wrestling.

He also gasbags plenty about that in the vid, which you can watch for yourself below.

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