Billy Corgan To Disband Smashing Pumpkins If New Albums Flop

The Smashing Pumpkins main man Billy Corgan says the reaction to the band’s two forthcoming new albums will have a serious impact on the future of the project. Corgan recently revealed to an interviewer that if the new albums fail to make an impact, he may dissolve The Smashing Pumpkins entirely.

Speaking to The Chicago Tribune (via Loudwire), Corgan expressed frustration with the current music industry climate, saying, “I’m not willing to wait around 15 to 20 years to have somebody go, ‘Hey, that album that you made is really good.’ And then sell it to the 7,000 people that are still paying attention.”

Corgan then expressed his uncertainty about whether the band will still exist after he’s completed Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night. “When this [new album] process is over, I’m either going to bail on this ship for good, like ‘I’m done,’ or I’m going to have a new ship to sail on,” he explained.

According to the frontman, it’s tougher than ever to grab the attention of music lovers, who are often too engrossed in their phones. “How do you reach through the fog as an artist?” asked Corgan. “How do you punch your way back through? How do you say, ‘I still matter’? How do you say, ‘How does one of my contemporaries get treated like a contemporary artist, and how do I get treated like I’m supposed to play Siamese Dream for the rest of my life?’ At some point you’ve got to fight this fight or go away.”

At the moment, Corgan is still ‘fighting the fight’, continuing work on the two albums, which are slated for release next year. Monuments for an Elegy is expected to be released in early 2015, with a single potentially dropping before year’s end, while Day for Night is expected to drop around late 2015.

Meanwhile, a deluxe edition of the Pumpkins’ 1998 album Adore is slated for release next month, coming equipped with a raft of alternate takes, remixes, and live tracks. One of the curiosities included is a rework of the track Ava Adore by one Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, which readers can check out below.

Listen: The Smashing Pumpkins – Chalices, Palaces, and Deep Pools (Puff Daddy Ava Adore Remix)

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