Billy Joel Building Custom Kawasaki Motorcycle For Bruce Springsteen

Known for their decades-spanning camaraderie, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen share everything from place or birth, to record label to the status of iconic musicians. You’d think they’d be running out of ideas to express their bro-ship but in one of the most bromantic stories ever, Joel has revealed that he’s building his bro a custom motorcycle.

For those previously unaware, Joel is the proud owner of a custom motorbike shop in Oyster Bay, Long Island so, no, he isn’t the missing brother from O.C. Choppers. It was here that the story started. “Bruce is always looking for a character bike,” he said. “I told him about our shop, so he came down in the middle of winter. It’s freezing — -5 degrees — and he wants to take out my Sacred Cow bobber. I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ It’s so cold, and he had no gear – just a helmet.”

You don’t need no silly protective clothing when you’re The Boss, as it turns out. Joel adds, “After a ride, he came back and said, ‘I want you to build me that bike… So he gave us the specs, and we’re almost finished with it. It started out as a Kawasaki W650. The frame is black and the tank will be metalflake gold. Man, he’s hardcore.”

Jokes aside, the bike is sounding totally bad-ass. For a rough idea, you can check out the Deus Gicleur custom W650 below. Mmmm. Dat naked engine.

I wonder if Billy Joel would make me one…


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