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Blink 182 May Be Investing In A Boat For Touring

Blink 182’s return album California is out now and seems to have gone down quiet well with the fans, putting the demand for a live show at fever-pitch. To dish out some supply, the band are apparently looking into a boat for the European tour which could have strong implications on an eventual Australian tour.

According to List, Mark Hoppus confirmed that Travis Barker, who has a well-documented fear of flying and for damn good reason, is “looking into” sea-worthy vessels on which to cross pond. “Hopefully we can make it work”, said Hoppus “Travis is looking into the possibility of taking a boat from LA, which is a very long trip.”

This could have some promising implications on an eventual Australian tour form the band. Speaking to Music Feeds, Hoppus revealed that arriving by sea could be a potential for the voyage. Although, if they’re bugging out about the hop, skip and a jump between L.A and London, we doubt they’ll look kindly on the Lord Of The Rings-scale journey Down Under.

“Obviously Travis doesn’t fly but we are looking into boats that will take us there and its just scheduling it and getting Travis there. But we love Australia and we’d love the chance to tour there again.”

Barker seems pretty cool with the whole cabin fever thing, explaining to The Daily Star:

“I take a tour bus everywhere when we’re in the States, but if we’re going to do a tour of Europe then I take the Queen Mary boat across to the UK. I’m on a bus for six days, travelling from LA to New York, and then I’m spending eleven days on a boat.”

If they do set sail for Australia, here’s hoping they have all their paperwork in order, or else they could potentially steal all our jobs. Right, Dutton?

Blink 182 traveling to Australia by boat…alien hunting…reunion with Tom Delonge. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

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