Blink 182 (Wait For It) Confirmed For Soundwave 2013 Headliner

Update 08/08: Soundwave 2013 lineup has been officially announced! Check it out here!

The long awaited confirmation has come through from Blink 182 that they will be headlining Soundwave 2013. Our hopes were raised excellently over the past few months but fans can let out a collective sigh of relief, it’s actually happening.

Travis Barker let it slip earlier that Tom and Mark will be coming down, but with a session drummer. That was followed up with reports that Barker would be cool with being knocked out for the flight, he had to get it out of the way at some point (Update: Travis will be joining Mark and Tom). All the while Soundwave’s AJ Maddah added fuel to the fire by tweeting that he was having progress with the band. At times, it was starting to look like just another Blink tour rumour.

But no, following a post from the bands instagram, we know the lads will be coming down, and the cheeky Soundwave Fest hashtag uncovered that part. Blink 182 are touring Australia. It’s even fun to type it. Check out the post from the band and stay tuned for the official Soundwave Line Up announcement comin’ atchu Wednesday next week.

Update 01:46am: Travis will play with Blink 182 at Soundwave

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