Blur Have Now Launched Their Own Ice Cream

As if Blur couldn’t get more popular with their first album in twelve years, the band has released their own ice cream as part of their The Magic Whip tour in the UK.

The ice cream, a vanilla custard with raspberry sauce (similar to the one made in the below video for single Go Out), is released in conjunction with dairy specialists The Licktators and is excitingly sold with a downloadable new track from the band titled Y’All Doomed.

If that’s not sweet enough, Blur have been delivering the treat to the streets via their own branded Whippy van and are also selling it at shows.

The ice cream is only available in the UK for now, but here’s hoping the van’ll make its way to Oz for Blur’s Splendour sideshow dates in the coming months.

Blur members have been in fine form of late – maybe too fine, considering Damon Albarn found leaving the stage after a five-hour set practically unthinkable the other day. Too much sugar, perhaps?

Recipe below:

Watch: Blur – Go Out

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