Brandon Poletti
Brandon Poletti |Photo by Jamie Dacheff/ via Supplied

Brandon Poletti Releases New Single ‘Move Away’

Singer-songwriter based in Boorloo/Perth Brandon Poletti released a new single titled ‘Move Away’ on Friday, 17th May. 

Brandon explained the story of the song. “Move Away reflects on the weight of the past and the fleeting nature of time. it’s about a person who feels stuck in a town that no longer feels like home, they grapple with a sense of disillusionment and longing for change. The song captures the essence of their desire to break free from the confines of their current life, contemplating leaving town, pursuing a new job, and perhaps even adopting a new identity.”

Brandon Poletti – ‘Move Away’

The new single ‘Move Away’ has been produced by Josh Dyson and it has the presence of tremolo in the keys brings out a warm and soothing sound in the track. 

The two essential things about Brandon Poletti’s songs are his storytelling and relatability. With the help of these two things, his songs hold a great place in the hearts of the fans.

With the track “Move Away” the singer and songwriter Brandon seeks solace and tries to make the task of moving away a little less daunting. 

You can stream her new single ‘Blood’ here.

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