Briggs Has Called Out Yet Another Blackface Incident, This Time Involving A Victorian Football Club

Sometimes one naively thinks that if something is labelled offensive enough times people eventually get the point but it seems that’s not the case, particularly when it comes to blackface.

Clearly Frankston Bombers Football Club have managed to avoid any conversation about blackface as they threw a party where more than a few came dressed as musicians like Akon and Mel B wearing blackface.

The football and netball club flooded their Instagram with pictures from their “iPod shuffle party” which was brought to the attention of many thanks to Indigenous rapper Briggs who posted it on Twitter.

“Shout out to @FrankstonBomber for their ‘Racist Night’ and door prize for most #Blackface,” Briggs wrote prompting the club to delete a number of the images and eventually delete the entire account.

“We should just make blackface illegal, that’d settle it,” he further wrote.

While the club has not offered any sort of apology or explanation online, one charming member left a rather colourful voicemail on Briggs’ phone. He called him a “mother fucker” and then said, “if you don’t fucken like it, then fucken blow my cock motherfucker.”

This comes just months after Briggs called out two Victorian men who wore blackface to an Aussie-icon themed party.

Earlier this year, punters at NSW’s Secret Garden Festival were forced to shower by organisers after they turned up dressed as rappers wearing blackface.

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