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Bring Me The Horizon Release New Single ‘sTraNgeRs’

Never ones to keep us waiting too long between releases, Bring Me The Horizon have just clobbered us in the eardrums with a brand new single.

Dubbed ‘sTraNgeRs’, the track is a big, anthemic singalong that continues to herald the UK act’s metamorphosis from Sheffield deathcore scenesters to global arena rock juggernauts.

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘sTraNgeRs’

Packing the same rousing 6/8 ballad feel as songs like Thirty Seconds To Mars’s ‘The Kill’ or ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls, ‘sTraNgeRs’ is a track purpose-built for singing your lungs out to (which thousands of fans will no doubt be doing when the band comes to our shores to headline Good Things Festival this December).

According to frontman Oli Sykes, the song was written at the culmination of a long writing trip to LA.

“As soon as the lyric ‘we’re just a room full of strangers’ came, it took on such a deeper double meaning,” he explains. “How it would feel to be performing it live as that’s what it is – all strangers connecting on this mad level, and that it was like rehab.”

He continues: “Coming out of lockdown and the pandemic, everyone is recovering from something and I’m so aware that so many people struggle daily with differing traumas, and just wanted to stress that they’re not in this alone… and we’re a community here to help each other.”

‘sTraNgeRs’ marks the second single BMTH have released since 2020’s feature-stacked Post Human: Survival Horror EP, following on from last year’s electro-pop-inflected ‘DiE4u’.

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘DiE4u’

And if Music Feeds‘ last powwow with Sykes is anything to go by, both ‘sTraNgeRs’ and ‘DiE4u’ will likely feature on a forthcoming second instalment of the Post-Human EP series, which will encompass four chapters.

“Each album’s going to be sonically very, very different, and there’ll be a kind of overarching theme for each record — it’ll be a different message,” the singer told us back in 2020.

“Basically, the second record is going to be similar to the record we were trying to write in the first place [before COVID], where it’s going to be more about, you know, after the anger, after the rallying, after the call to arms… It’s kind of like ‘Right: how do we actually deal with our own internal issues? And how do we love ourselves? And how do we find that compassion in such a cruel world?’ And so the music’s going to reflect that.”

He continued: “Just like the music on the first record reflects that anger, the second one will reflect that compassion. And they’re going to be linked and they’re going to feel like Bring Me records, but you are really going to hear our extremes on each record. So the third and the fourth will also be completely different sonically.”

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