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Bring Me The Horizon Are Planning To Release Four Albums Over The Next Year

It’s only been a year since Bring Me The Horizon‘s last official studio album was released, but now frontman Oli Sykes has revealed that they’re going to release four new records over the next 12 months.

In a forthcoming interview with Music Feeds, Sykes revealed the release strategy, saying that each album will be around 6 – 8 tracks long.

“It won’t be like 15 tracks, but it won’t be an EP either. I’d like to have around 6 – 8 tracks on there,” he says.

“It’s going to be first of four records. We’re going to do four records over the next year, but they’ll all be much shorter.”

Sykes also explained that each of the four records will fall under the same name, Post Human, but each of them will sound very different sonically. “I have a strong vision for each,” he adds.

This news comes as the band today released their highly anticipated new single, ‘Parasite Eve’, which draws its title from an old Playstation 1 game.

The song was written prior to the global pandemic, but is strangely prescient for the times we now find ourselves living through.

“Parasite Eve came from an idea to write a survival horror song, but as the pandemic started to develop, the parallels were so similar it felt so close to the bone we decided to shelve it,” says Sykes in a statement. “As time went on, we started to feel how relevant it was and that instead of shying from it, that we should address the dark side, embrace it and process what’s going on… Parasite Eve is our message of hope, wrapped in sadness and anger.”

The song also samples an obscure 1986 track, titled ‘le mystère des voix bulgares vol.1’ from a band called The Bulgarian State Radio & Televised Female Vocal, which was released via 4AD.

Listen to ‘Parasite Eve’ below.

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