Hate To Break It To Ya But Bruce Willis Is Apparently An Anti-Masker

As we approach the one year mark of COVID-19 being named as a global pandemic, celebrities are contuining to show their ass in feats of stupidity and ignorance.

The latest fool? Everyone’s favourite Christmas movie star Bruce Willis, who has been filmed refusing to wear a mask in a store in America.

According to Page Six, Willis was shopping at a pharmacy in Los Angeles – aka the biggest city in a state that just recorded almost 37,000 cases of COVID-19 yesterday – without wearing a mask.

Others in the store were allegedly upset with Willis not wearing a mask, so staff at the pharmacy asked Willis to put a mask on (he was wearing a bandana around his neck).

However, Willis refused to do so and ultimately ended up leaving the store with little fuss but also no purchase.

You’d think Willis would be into wearing a mask for anonymity purposes at least, but he joins those who have chosen a very strange hill to die on.

Willis has yet to make a comment on the situation.

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