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BTS’ V Hints At New Photo Book — ‘Type 1’

V aka Kim Taehyung, the second youngest member of the K-pop group BTS, is all set to release his new photo book titled ‘Type 1’. The artist announced the release by sharing a poster on social media. In the poster, he can be seen leaning against a wall. 


Post the announcement the fans got excited and flooded with comments in the post. Some fans speculated that it’s going to be a new solo music release by the artist. But BigHit Entertainment, V’s label made it clear that it’s not a music release. It is a photobook that the singer wants to release. This photo book will include the musician’s moments of complete rest. Further reveals his comfortable and natural self as he’ll be taking a break from his busy schedule. He wishes to live a silent life, with himself for some time. 

The poster released by the musician includes the following text: “I still wonder wonder beautiful story/ Still wonder wonder best part/ I still wonder wonder next story/ I want to make you mine.” The magazine edition of the photobook will officially release on 6th August. 

After the announcement, some of the fans were speculating that this is a music release. Moreover, it has some connection with Jimin’s new album which is coming up, titled “Muse”. However, BigHit Music cleared all the doubts by stating that it was going to be a photobook and not any music release. 

V is currently performing his mandatory military duties for his country. He has established quite an image among the fans who love and adore him a lot. As a solo singer, he has achieved a lot too. Four of his singles have charted on the Top 100, with ‘FRI(END) S’ being one of them. 

You can track the release of the photo book here.

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