Chance The Rapper Confirms Australian Tour Plans, Childish Gambino Collab

Off the back of the release of his new mixtape Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper took to Reddit yesterday to answer fan questions in an AMA session on the HipHopHeads subreddit.

Amongst a host of topics, Chance answered questions about the recent mixtape release, whether that rumoured collaboration with Childish Gambino exists, and if he plans to tour Australia.

“Will you be coming to Australia any time soon?” asked user Triquist. “YES.” responded Chance.

Users then veritably lost their shit, none more so than user Stokeez who said “PRAISE THIS IS THE REAL BLESSING.”

Chance went on to reveal that his favourite track on Coloring Book is How Great, because of “the setup” and “the children’s choir” that was used. He was also asked whether the mixtape was dedicated to his daughter, to which he responded; “you’re right. everything is pretty much for her now.”

Finally, despite Donald Glover’s comments back in 2014 that a Chance & Childish collab may never happen, Chance gave fans a solid “yes” – confirming that a mixtape in fact does actually exist. Lonely-cloud summed up everyone’s feels pretty well, by vomiting letters of happiness.

You can stream Chance The Rapper’s new mixtape Colouring Book, below.

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