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Channel [V] Alumni Osher Günsberg & Yumi Stynes To Host New iHeartTrivia Radio Station

iHeartRadio is getting the Channel [V] gang back together, recruiting former superstar VJ’s Osher Günsberg (formerly known as Andrew G) & Yumi Stynes to host a new music trivia-based digital radio station, dubbed iHeartTrivia.

The former presenter colleagues will reunite to co-host the world’s first 24/7 music trivia station, which promises to put listeners’ music knowledge to the test while also serving as a platform for Osher and Yumi to flex their music industry chops, chat with artists, reminisce about their Channel [V] days, and spill previously untold stories from behind-the-scenes.

iHeartTrivia with Osher & Yumi Launch 2023 – Play Now! | iHeartRadio

“I am so excited to be reuniting in a work capacity with my friend Osher Günsberg on iHeartTrivia,” Yumi enthused in a press statement. “We have remained friends in the years since Channel [V] and have craved the chance to get together behind a mic to share stories, make each other laugh/groan, and flex that old chemistry that people still stop me on the street to talk about. YES, there is a vibe! And YES, we plan to use it, shamelessly!”

While Osher added: “Yumi Stynes is a national treasure. A life-long music fan, whip-smart, savagely funny and one of the hardest working people you’re ever going to meet. I wanted to do this project because at its heart it’s two mates who love music, hanging out and vibing with each other on some of the greatest songs ever recorded. You can’t help but hear the delight in our voices. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”


You can hear the two pals doing their thing on the new iHeartTrivia station, which is live right-the-hell-now on ARN’s free iHeart app as well as via DAB+ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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