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Harry Styles Review – Eight-Year-Old Lola Breaks Down Harry’s Tour Closer

Harry Styles played at Sydney’s Accor Stadium on Saturday, 4th March. Lola Jenkins – who is eight years old – reviews.

To get to the Accor Stadium, I went on a bus to Central Station. I saw some girls, some of them wearing lots of feather boas and, like, cowboy hats. Then, after the bus, we went on a train. It was so crowded. Loads of people in feather boas and cowboy hats. We got a seat on the train at the bottom.

Then, when we got out of the train, there was so many feathers on the ground. I was picking up all the feathers and then my dad took a video of me throwing the feathers everywhere. There was, like, so many feathers.

Lola Goes to Harry Styles in Sydney

Near this money machine thing, I found $20, and that was really cool. So, I was really happy. We were starting to get a bit hungry so we wanted to go to McDonald’s, but the line was so long. About a hundred people… probably even more than that. So, we just decided to go in a line of ten people, a donut line. Yeah, for dinner – donuts. Kinda crazy, right? My dad also bought some water and some snacks, so I was good for food if I got hungry.

Then we just decided to go into the Accor Stadium. There was so many people. The stadium was so big and it was outdoors. It was about six or seven [pm] when we got there and we found a spot and we decided to stay there. There was loads of, like, adults in really funny, cool outfits. Everyone was wearing feather boas.

Donuts for dinner

Wet Leg started playing, and I like Wet Leg a lot. The first song was ‘Wet Dream’ and I like that song. Rhian [Teasdale] was wearing this crop top thing that said “Bondi” on it. I don’t really remember what the other people were wearing. I think the bass player had a yellow shirt.

It was really good and they played my favourite song at the very, very end – well, one of my favourite songs – ‘Chaise Longue’. I was singing all the words to ‘Chaise Longue’ and ‘Wet Dream’.

And then, after Wet Leg finished, we went to have a little break. We got some water because we were all out and we got a Maxibon ice cream. Once we got back to the stadium, it was full of people and they were all singing to the rock and pop songs that were on.

Before Harry started, there was this relaxation music and it took him a long time to get onto the stage. But when he went onto the stage, all the girls were screaming and shouting. When he came on the stage, the first song was ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’. I like that song. And then the next song was ‘Golden’. Harry played guitar, and he played ‘Adore You’.

If I was describing Harry Styles’ music to someone, I would tell them that it’s a nice kind of a pop song. And I like pop, so that’s good.

Harry Styles – ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’

Harry was wearing a yellow jumpsuit with its chest ripped open. His band was a mix of boys and girls. They were wearing dark blue jumpsuits. One of the girls was playing a keyboard guitar, which I thought was really cool. Harry said he has had a really great time in Sydney and you could tell because he was dancing and smiling so much.

We watched a bunch more songs but I got tired, so we decided to leave. When we left, we went on the train and no one was there because the concert was still going. We sat at the very top and I was watching my phone.

My favourite thing about the concert was that Harry played ‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’ first and that Wet Leg played ‘Wet Dream’ first, because those are two of my favourite songs. I think next time they should not wear feather boas, or they could get a special type of feather boas that the feathers don’t come off so it doesn’t make such a big mess. And maybe they could put a McDonald’s in the stadium so we don’t have to line up outside.

If I could say something to Harry Styles about his concert, I would tell him that it was really good. My dad said there was a famous singer called Daryl that sung with Harry but we left before that.

By Lola Jenkins; as told to Dave Jenkins. Transcribed by Billy Burgess.

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