Concert-Goer Tries To Sing Vocals With Attila, Makes Us Cringe Hard Instead

Now that we’ve seen what happens when a talented fan manages to outclass their favourite band, it’s time to witness what happens when the opposite happens, and the fan totally kooks it.

At a recent headline show from US metal outfit Attila, the band put the call out to the fans before them for “the best goddamn vocalist in the crowd”.

Enter Mason, who despite claiming to “know this shit”, might have bitten off more than he could chew by getting on stage. Once the beat drops, the whole thing gets very cringey, but luckily it was all caught on camera.

To make matters worse, the song Mason was asked to sing on isn’t one of Attila’s more obscure tracks, but the sub-culturally significant Domination by Pantera. Whether he’s unfamiliar with the song or just straight up choked under the pressure is irrelevant, because homeboy is now the star of one of the most cringeworthy videos of the year.

It’s easy to feel bad for the guy, but it’s just as easy to scream and shout gibberish over a Pantera groove. Mason apologises for his poor effort, before being clapped from the stage.

So what’s the lesson here? Next time someone asks you if you’re the greatest vocalist of all time, keep quiet unless you know at least one Pantera song.

Watch Mason’s cringeworthy effort, below.

Watch: Attila Guest Vocal Fail

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