Corey Taylor Has Ranked Every Slipknot Album From Worst To Best

Musicians, with the notable exception of Kanye West, are usually their own harshest critics. It’s for this reason that their personal assessment of what constitutes their best work can probably be considered the closest thing to definitive fact that we’re ever going to get. And with that in mind, here’s Corey Taylor‘s opinion on Slipknot‘s entire discography.

The maggot ringleader has just ranked 20 years worth of mayhem, aka the Knot’s five studio albums, from worst to best in a new interview with Noisey. Any bets on his least-loved record?

“I have to say my least favourite is All Hope is Gone“, Taylor told the site. “Which is strange, because when it was finally done I loved a lot of the music that was on there. It had a lot of strong songs, but now six, seven years later, I listen to it and that’s kind of all it sounds like. It just feels like a collection of songs, and not an album, which is something we’ve strived to do over our career.”

Check out Corey Taylor’s full list of Slipknot albums, ranked from worst to best, in the gallery below. Check out the full interview at Noisey.

Gallery: Corey Taylor Ranks Slipknot’s Entire Discography

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