Dainty Blames Eminem For Sydney Sound Issues

A huge number of Eminem Sydney fans have hit the net complaining about the quality of the sound at the show on December 2nd. A number have commented on Music Feeds in disgust while others have hit the Paul Dainty Facebook page demanding refunds.

The overall opinion from fans has been that Eminem’s performance was awesome, however the sound crew failed dismally, causing some fans to leave the venue as they were unable to even hear the rapper’s voice.

Now fans who have contacted the Dainty Group asking for a refund have stated that the Dainty Group claims that if there was a problem with the sound, Eminem’s production crew are to blame.

Update: Dainty’s email response to unhappy fans

Thank you for your email relating to the Eminem concert. We are sorry to hear you had a negative experience.

The sound system supplied and installed at the venue was to the specification designed and requested by Eminem’s sound and production crew. It was also operated by Eminem’s staff.

They conducted sound checks at each venue prior to the show.

We appreciate your comments and we will pass your concern on to Eminem’s production manager. We have also had hundreds of fans posting on the Eminem tour Facebook site that it was one of the best concerts in a long time.

Dainty group is unable to provide a refund of your tickets.

A fan who has started a Facebook page demanding refunds received this response from Dainty:

It is not our fault and we will give your feedback to Eminem’s production team. You are not getting a refund.

A number of negative comments posted on the Dainty Groups Facebook page have been removed by the admin.

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