Dancefloors Return To Victoria And New South Wales This Week

Just in time for the weekend, state governments in New South Wales and Victoria have announced a slew of changes to COVID restrictions in their cities.

As Omicron cases have continued to fall in both states, both NSW and Victoria will be rolling back density limits in hospitality and entertainment venues from tomorrow (Friday, February 18th). This means that dancefloors are back, baby.

In Victoria, this change will come into play from 6pm on Friday; in NSW, it will take place from 12.01am on Friday. On top of this, there are new changes to QR code requirements.

In Victoria, QR code check-ins will no longer be required in retail stores, schools and a range of workplaces. For NSW, check ins will only be required at clubs and music festivals with more than 1,000 punters.

A slight tweak though when it comes to Victoria; people will still need to check-in to venues where a proof of vaccination is required including restaurants, bars, hairdressers, cafes and other personal care services.

When it comes to the mask mandate in both states, we’ll be seeing changes come into play next week. While Victoria hasn’t set the date for mask mandate removal yet, they’re hoping they can be ‘as close as they can’ to NSW’s current plans: Friday, 25th February.

The removal of the mask mandate will mean that you will only be required to wear them in select venues like airports, aged care facilities, hospitals and on public transport. They’ll still be encouraged when it comes to any face-to-face contact in retail settings but for the most part, mandated masks will no longer be a thing.

Changes are being made in Victoria to international arrivals as well, with the requirement for a permit to enter the state now being scrapped, while hotel quarantine for unvaccinated travellers is going from 14 days down to seven. NSW will also be lowering the quarantine period for unvaccinated international travellers from next Monday, 21st February.

For more information on the changes in Victoria announced today, click here. For updates in New South Wales, head here!

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