Danny Brown Disses Iggy Azalea On New Album, Which He Just Dropped Early

Just when it looked like it was all clear for Iggy Azalea to leave the house, fellow rapper Danny Brown has managed to squeeze a diss in on the closing track of his new album Atrocity Exhibition, which has been released early.

Brown travels down the well warn path of attacking Azalea’s talent as a wordsmith on the album’s closing track Hell For It. As he puts it, “Respect for lyricism in this game, ain’t none left / Have a bitch like Iggy think she sicker than me / And that’s so fucked up, that’s just how this shit be.”

Speaking to Complex about the Iggy diss, Brown says there is no real weight to it, saying, “it just rhymed” and he decided kept it for logistical purposes.

Atrocity Exhibition has hit the streets a few days earlier than its expected arrival on Friday, 30th September. Listen to Hell For It below, via Spotify, alongside some video messages from Danny Brown about Atrocity Exhibition‘s early release.

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