David Lee Roth Appears As Hitman In Mysterious Japanese Short Film

Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth, has surprised fans by appearing as a hitman in a Japanese short film. The clip sees a calm yet menacing Roth take out some unwitting marks on those who incur his wrath after offending the gaijin by throwing fried chicken at him.

The trailer peaks when a shirtless Roth takes a few swigs of strawberry milk and utters in Japanese, “In the name of the moon, I shall right all wrongs and defeat all evil”, before leaving the scene a bloody mess.

The clip is posted on Roth’s YouTube channel with no explanation for its existence but a quick look at the credits reveal the video was directed by Takuro Ishizaka, who worked as second assistant camera on 2003 film Lost In Translation. Roth is credited with having written the story.

Van Halen were recently in Australia for Stone Music Festival. While in the country Roth gave a press conference alongside Aerosmith and Billy Joel. You can check out the press conference here.

You can watch the Roth movie trailer below. Keep an eye out on Feeds as more information comes to hand.

WATCH: David Lee Roth – Movie Trailer

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