Deerhoof Play Spectrum In March

With San Francisco four piece Deerhoof, every song is an adventure. Classic rock, J-pop, jazz, classical, and noise become inseparable, as if no stylistic barriers ever truly existed. Their music has always been both strikingly new and strangely familiar, like all the best pop music. Melodic beauty is set against flashes of brilliant innovation, almost as much of a surprise to the band as to the listener.

When they formed in the mid ’90s they were branded “too noise for pop” and “too pop for noise,” but this combination soon proved basic to the sound of modern indie rock. From the cartoon surrealism of Milk Man (2004) or Friend Opportunity (2007) to the gritty realism of Apple O (2003) and the epic Offend Maggie (2008), Deerhoof have invented their own instantly recognizable way of writing, playing and recording. They tour with their frequent collaborators, Tokyo’s wide eyed folk-psych duo Tenniscoats.

Deerhoof come to Australia for the Lost Weekend festival, March 5 – 7, Ivory Rocks Brisbane, as well as a special show in Sydney. Details below.

Tuesday 9th March


34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Tickets $30 (plus booking free) from

On sale Monday January 11. Their new album Offend Maggie is out now on Spunk

[youtube eVPADVNplu4]

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