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Doja Cat Shares Updated ‘Scarlet’ Cover Art

Doja Cat has officially changed the cover art for her forthcoming album Scarlet, after people pointed out earlier this week that it was almost identical to the cover of the new album from German band Chaver. Each artwork depicted a pink spider with a drop of liquid above its head; the only difference between the two album covers was that Chavers’ name was at the top of the image.

It probably wasn’t as sinister a move from Doja Cat as some believed, as both album covers were actually designed by the same artist, Dusty Ray. Coincidentally, both albums – Scarlet and Of Gloom – are due out on the same day, Friday, 22nd September. See the artwork comparison below.

Doja Cat Alters Album Artwork Following Uproar

“The striking cover art, masterfully crafted by Dusty Ray @sloppjockey_ert (who has been with us since our first album), serves as a captivating contrast to the album’s intense music, setting the stage for a trip to a place of pain,” Chaver announced when they revealed the album art in July.

Doja Cat revealed the updated artwork overnight, posting it on Instagram with the caption: “SCARLET 9.22 (updated cover)”. The cover now depicts two interlocking spiders, see below.

Scarlet is the highly anticipated follow-up to Doja Cat’s 2021 album Planet Her. We’ve already heard a few singles from the record, including ‘Attention’, ‘Paint The Town Red’, and ‘Demons’.

Doja – real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini – dropped a trailer for new single ‘Demons’ earlier this week, which features her and actor Christina Ricci in a classic horror movie preview. Watch below.

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