Dubstep Is Invading Your Circle Pits, Dictionaries

It seems that every day, the scourge of dubstep tightens its grip on our daily lives. Rock and pop acts like Muse, Korn, and Taylor Swift are assimilating the genre’s tropes into their own songs, and it meanwhile is beginning to secure the hallmarks of its sister genres – it even has mosh pits now.

As reported by Metal Insider, surfacing on LiveLeak the below clip is dubbed “Metal kid didn’t see it coming” and depicts what is apparently a metal act in the midst of a festival set and of one of their increasingly common dubstep breakdowns, with the singer beseeching fans to form a circle pit.

The fans try their best and begin to orbit and slam into each other in what could be mistaken for a circle pit. In the middle of this bass-drop mosh, someone walks up to the perimeter of the pit and sucker punches one of its unknowing combatants, which is just bad dubstep mosh pit etiquette.

Either way, such incidents may become more frequent as even academia has now invited dubstep into its home like the metaphorical vampire that it is. As The Guardian writes, ‘dubstep’ is among the 150 new words that are set to be entered into the US Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2014.

Watch: Kid Sucker Punched In Dubstep Mosh Pit

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