Earl Sweartshirt Releasing New Three Track EP

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt has revealed he is working on a new three-track EP. Earl announced the news via his new Twitter account, which has gained 150,000 followers:

@earlxsweat: who’s ready for an ep er sum?

@earlxsweat: It’ll be three tracks. Working on cover art.

Earl also recently announced a collaboration with Santigold; whether this track will feature on the three-track only time will tell.

It appears that Earl still has no intention of rejoining the Odd Future crew and both parties are holding back from revealing what is really going on behind the scenes.

Recently, it was revealed that Earl was working under the guidance of Leila Steinberg. A recent tweet from Earl suggested this may have annoyed Tyler:

@earlxsweat: @leilasteinberg tyler just called you awesome. #progress

The truth behind the Earl Sweatshirt saga still remains unknown, but one thing is for sure, Earl was happy being in Samoa and never needed to be set free.

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