Earl Sweatshirt Is Not In L.A Odd Future Rep Confirms

Odd Future leader, Tyler the Creator, had fans jumping out of their skin today when he tweeted that Earl Sweatshirt was back in Los Angeles recording with him [Tyler]. Turns out Tyler was just playing a prank on fans, Pitchfork has spoken with an  Odd Future Rep who has confirmed that it is all just a joke. According to the rep, Earl is not in L.A and Tyler is just up to his usual tricks.

Update: Tyler has tweeted:

Thebe Said That I Need The Award For Biggest Troll Of 2011 … Hahahahaha

Earlier today TMN picked up on a recent Formspring post from Tyler that suggested Earl Sweatshirt was back in LA.

A few hours later Tyler tweeted suggesting that he was in a studio with Earl Sweatshirt recording at that time.

Twitter fans went crazy and Earl’s birth name, ‘Thebe’, even started trending.

The Earl Sweatshirt story isn’t over yet, in April Complex Magazine managed to find him at Coral Reef Academy in Samoa. They used clues in the lyrics, Facebook musings and a tip off from a student who also attended the school. Reports suggested that the 17 year old was sent against his will by his mother who didn’t want him involved in the Odd Future circle.

Since then fans around the world have been hanging out for the return of the young rap star. No doubt he will be back soon, and I’m sure Tyler will have something massive in mind for his return.

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