Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Warpaint And Jagwar Ma Collaborate

Sydney-based producer Jonti, a Stones Throw signee who’s worked with the likes of Santigold and Big Scary, recently decided to break in his new studio and thought what better way to do so than by enlisting Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, and members of Jagwar Ma and Warpaint to help out?

As reported by Sydney artist management and touring company Astral People’s Facebook page, the producer recruited OF alumnus Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Theresa Wayman and Stella Mozgawa from Warpaint, and Jono Ma from Jagwar Ma for a “12 hour all night recording session.”

It isn’t the first time that members of this Laneway Festival 2014 All Stars collective have collaborated, either. Earl and King Krule have recorded unreleased material, with Earl saying, “That’s the only n-gga other than Tyler where when I make music with him I don’t have to talk.”

“We were very much on the same page. We were just sitting there faded, f-cking doodling. That shit was tight… He put vocals on this one beat that I gave him, and then we made a beat together,” Earl continued during an interview with Clash Music in December of last year.

There is also a Warpaint and Jagwar Ma connection, with Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa contributing additional percussion to the Sydney indie-dance outfit’s acclaimed 2013 debut, Howlin’, while Jono Ma collaborated with Warpaint on the track Biggie from their recent self-titled record.

Jonti, who in the past has gone by the production monikers Danimals and Djanimals, following a dispute with a kids yogurt company, meanwhile, recently opened for Jagwar Ma during their Laneway sideshows tour and has collaborated with Earl’s Odd Future bandmate, Hodgy Beats.

There are presently no details on whether the fruit of this incredible collaborative session will ever be unleashed upon fans, or whether the intention was merely recreation. The social media accounts of all members involved have remained silent, with fans left to speculate on what could come of it.

UPDATE 4:48pm 07/02/14: Jonti Danilewitz has opened up to FasterLouder about the all-night recording session that has music fans buzzing, with the first Australian act ever to be signed to Stones Throw labelling it “one of the favourite days of my life.”

“I was in a car collision that morning on my way to meet up with Jono Ma and Stella and then we saw Earl and basically just went to the beach to just chill for a bit,” he said. “I’d been talking to Earl and [King Krule] about recording and listening to music. So we went to the studio to just listen to music and it just grew from that.”

“We just wanted to dance and trade cool music,” added Jonti. According to the Sydney producer, the group focused on Stones Throw artists Gary Wilson and James Pants, while also “listening to Todd Rundgren and Outkast and dancing to Wu-Tang.”

“A good hour of random stuff” was apparently reaped from the session. “We were just having fun… We were just messing around with the instruments and just jamming. I kept the tape rolling but nothing was planned. We were just making music, and watching the sun come up.”

Jonti had known Earl from a previous meeting in LA, but said he was impressed by the talented rapper’s skills in the studio. “He really has some chops,” Jonti told FL. “I was quite blown away by his keyboard skills, chord knowledge and drums. He really is a master musician.”

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