Enter Shikari Frontman Opens Up About His Battle With Anxiety

Enter Shikari and reliable voice of reason Rou Reynolds has taken to Twitter share his personal experience with mental health issues. Reynolds laid it all out for everyone to see in an attempt to jumpstart discussion and remind us “we’re all just humans.”

Reynolds gives us a rough timeline of on or around the band’s schedule performance for Download Festival last year. At this point, he was “halfway through 12 weeks of insomnia & gen. anxiety disorder” and had slept for about 6 hours during the week in question. Eventually, Reynolds burnt out, suffering “the nastiest panic attack” and hospitalisation. As a result, the band missed their Download warm-up show.

Even though they ended up making the festival slot, Reynolds explains he doesn’t remember any of the show, “I was a shell of a man surviving on adrenaline.”

He admits he hates it when he sees musicians complain about “internal “struggles”, but adds it’s important for people to understand that despite being ‘The star’ in the Star/Fan dynamic, “A reminder we’re ALL just humans. Vulnerable humans. Tired, frightened, vulnerable humans.”

Reynolds ends his series of tweets by highlighting how the system doesn’t help, “the NHS is terminally underfunded and the mental health sections often get the worst brunt of the cuts”.

He concludes “A wise Psychology of the future will be practiced like dentistry. Checkups every year for all (but for free, I hope) even if no ‘problems’.”

Enter Shikari and their thoughts will be in town very shortly for a run of headline dates under the good name of their current single The Red Shift.

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