Every Bob Dylan Lyric Since 1962 Will Be Published In One Enormous Book

How many notes must a man write down before you can publish a book? The answer, my friends, is no longer blowin’ in the wind, but instead can be found in the upcoming Bob Dylan publication The Lyrics: Since 1962, which will contain every single lyric Dylan has ever recorded since his very first album.

Considering Dylan has amassed 35 studio albums since his self-titled ’62 debut LP, not to mention the official bootlegs also covered in The Lyrics: Since 1962, you’d be right in assuming this will be one big-ass tome.

According to The New York Times, the publication will be a whopping 960 pages long and weigh just over 6kg. Reported to be a little bigger than a LP in size, you’ll bust both a physical and mental sweat poring over wordy Dylan epics like Hurricane.

The Lyrics: Since 1962 author Christopher Ricks revealed the songs are presented in chronological order, while the lyrics are printed to “represent, visually, the audible experience” via indented choruses and bridges, with some verses appearing unbroken, as Dylan intended.

Due out Stateside in November through Simon & Schuster, the publisher’s president Jonathan Karp said, “It’s the biggest, most expensive book we’ve ever published, as far as I know.” Only 3,500 copies of The Lyrics: Since 1962 will be released at the price of US$200. For diehard fans with deeper pockets, a very limited 50 copies signed by the man himself will be on offer for US$5,000.

No word if any editions of The Lyrics: Since 1962 will make their way down to Australia, but the book is currently available for preorder on Amazon.com.

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