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EXCLUSIVE: Blue Wiggle Anthony Field On The Wiggles’ “Incredible” Debut Adults-Only Show

Beloved Australian entertainers The Wiggles had hundreds of grown-ups losing their minds on Friday night, as the group’s original (and best) lineup performed their first-ever adults-only concert at Sydney’s Dee Why RSL. Since the show, blue Wiggle Anthony Field has spoken about the “incredible” night and the chances of more adults-only gigs in the future.

Speaking with Music Feeds, Field says he had an absolute ball at the 18+ show, even though the group had no idea what they were in for.

“The vibe was just incredible, there was so much love in the room. It was just a great time,” Field says. “You don’t what it’s going to be like when you’re playing in a pub, we’ve never done that before. But there was no violence, there was no agro [laughing]. It was actually just such fun, it was just really fun.”

Field, who is still part of the current Wiggles lineup, says he was worried about his former bandmates remembering all the songs and dance moves. The Wiggles’ original lineup — that’s Field, Greg Page, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt — held three rehearsals over the week leading up to the show, with each session lasting three to four hours.

Despite not having played together since 2012, the group knocked out classics like Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) and Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car, and also discovered differences between the adult audience and a typical Wiggles crowd.

“The typical Wiggles crowd is much wilder,” Field says jokingly. “To be honest there wasn’t that much difference, they’re just taller and they’ve got louder voices I suppose. It was a turbocharged Wiggles gig, it was amazing.”

Field admits that the end of the concert was “a bit of an anticlimax”, after a blackout virtually shut down the venue. “As Murray was about to play his wonderful guitar solo in Play Your Guitar With Murray, the whole place blacked out, so we had to do Hot Potato in the dark [laughing], just acoustic, which was kind of crazy.”

As for whether or not the original Wiggles lineup is planning any other adults-only shows, Field says he’s definitely up for it. “The vibe was so great, the original Wiggles fan were so passionate, you can’t help wanting to do it again,” he says.

“I just want to do it again, and do the same thing, make it a charity thing. I reckon maybe head down to Melbourne for the next one. We haven’t booked anything, but everyone after the show was just buzzing. It would be great fun.”

The Wiggles’ debut adults-only show celebrated the group’s 25th anniversary, and also helped raise money for their mate David Savage, a wounded war who was the victim of a suicide bomb and is now in a wheelchair. Money was also raised for the Soldier On foundation, which helps physically and physiologically wounded men and women returning from service.

To relive The Wiggles’ 18+ show, catch a stack of amazing footage from the night right here, and a gallery of photos, below.

UPDATE 02/06/16: It looks like The Wiggles’ original lineup is planning an adults-only pub tour for charity.

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