Exclusive Live Stream: Regular John Performance & Interview At Music Feeds Studio

Sydney crew Regular John have burst back onto the scene in spectacular fashion. Dropping their brand-new album, Strange Flowers, to overwhelming approval before busying themselves with their highly lauded live performance. The band couldn’t be more buzzworthy right now given their talent that matches, and then surpasses the hype.

You may have recently caught a glimpse of the band as they toured around the country like a headless chook. Sydney fans will get one more opportunity at an intimate upcoming performance. If you can’t make it, or live in one of the many other cities in Australia, fear not for the band will be coming by Music Feeds Studio Thursday, 2nd May for a session and interview, all of which will be broadcast live throughout the entire interwebs.

Things are gonna get wild from 7:30pm when the performance kicks off, which will run for 15 minutes or so, allowing room for some controlled and contained chaos. The interview is taking place at 7:45pm with curtains closing – digitally speaking that is – at 8:00pm AEST.

7:00pm AEST – Soundcheck

7:30pm AEST – Performance

7:45pm AEST – Interview

Watch: Regular John – Live Stream from Music Feeds Studio

PHOTOS: Regular John Live Stream Behind The Scenes

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